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Correlation of Diwali with Ayurveda - Why Detoxification is needed on Deepawali ??

October 29th, 2021 · 1 min read

Diwali is Hindu festival of lights and signifies the return of Lord Rama to Ayudhaya and all people celeberate with full zeal and anxiety.

On Diwali there its also belived that Maa Lakshmi comes to our home and bless us with wealth. And to welcome Maa Lakshmi people clean the houses.

But in many parts of India people also go far Ayurveda Detoxification. The detoxification helps in the internal cleaning of body. This interal cleansing helps in the strenghening of body and takes out all the toxins. Follwoing are the benefits of Detoxificaiton on Diwali :

  1. Clear the Toxins which are deposited in body
  2. Eating various sweets during Diwali upsets Stomach.
  3. Detoxification cleanse the body

Usually food habbits change during Diwali season as due to festival we all eat lot of sweets and dry fruits. Ayurveda Detoxification on Diwali help to clean the stomach and clean the body.

At Ayuife we offer the best of Detoxification treatment and offer special discount package on Detoxification.

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