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Bael Fruit – Best Medicine in Summers

December 20th, 2019 · 1 min read

As we all know Diarrhea, IBS, Duodenal Ulcers etc are quite common in Summers season and these problems are related to stomach. To treat these problems/ailments Nature has given us wonderful fruit called ”Bael” or called “Japanese bitter orange”, “Bengal quince”, “Golden apple”, ‘Japanese Bitter Orange”, “Stone apple” or “Wood apple”. Interestingly, This fruit is also given by Mother Nature in Summers only. The Bael tree is considered the one of the most therapeutic plants in India. The Bael fruit is an integral part of Ayurvedic practice and is also utilized to deal with numerous digestive system problems. It can be consumed raw or can be used to prepare Juice or Shake. Its pulp can be dried to make powder and can consumed throughout the year. It has no side effects and can be taken any time.

Bael Fruit

  • Its amazing benefits are:
  • Contains anti-oxidants that help in fighting gastric ulcers, particularly gastroduodenal ulcers.
  • Best natural medicine to cure constipation
  • Useful in controlling the blood sugar levels. This is because it energizes the pancreas and makes it produce enough amount of insulin which is necessary to control sugar level in the blood.
  • Eating bael with the black pepper and salt regularly helps in removing toxins from intestines thus provides relief from the constipation.
  • It enhances the metabolism.

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